When you take pictures or record on your friend's phones they have the right to do whatever with the footage... Obviously.   

My friend...*sigh He loves me, and I appreciate it, I do! But hanging out w/ him can sometimes feels like I'm on an episode of Making The Band! We recorded this while I was on assignment at the Spartan Race. This video was very impromptu and I couldn't  shy away or else Diddy would of let me have it and dropped me from Bad Boy! please diddy noooooooo HA!

Holla if you grew up with me in Beechmont. Get at me if we went to People's Middle School together. Y'all remember I use to be REALLY shy. Don't play. Sometimes I go into shy mode. I can't help it.
So Sean, can I please catch a break?!
Okay well at least I tried. 

Enjoy the video. There will be more to come, I'm sure.

Good night!
ninamdot : )