fight night

my sister got engaged the night Mayweather fought Canelo!


a show about nothing: SEINFELD

 the most important thing for me to remember is that "LIFE GOES ON"!

and being in my thirties thus far has been AMAZING in everyway.
ninamdot NOTHING'S:
1. I already erased two number one's that were typed.
a. the first one was about a grammatical error that I thought could come off as funny -and-
b. the second one was about a certain "somebody" that I truly miss but didn't wanna get... mushy.  The truth is I have "let go" of the person, but not our bond. SEE.
2. Stating the obvious has never been necessary for me. I love some unspoken rules that are without question, followed. And quite frankly: it annoys the hell out of me!
3. Three months is about how far I'm behind in posting my recent work. 
4. Do you ever talk to yourself while your driving? I DO!
5. Right before I took thee above two shots of myself... I was crying! HARD! BOO WOO tears. I think that is so funny now! ha ha ha  

family shots

two of my favorite shots from a family shoot I did this summer.


PSA: ninamdot turns 30 (if you followed me on intagram: @ninamdot DUHHH you would know)  Here's a few pictures of half my outfit for the big party.  Excited could never describe my feelings right now. I mean about the outcome of my shirt and this new phase of life.
As you can see, I went to see a tailor today. AWE-SOME & Sweet as pie would be the adjectives to describe that woman.
I'm blessed.
Can't wait to share the finished product!!!


photos by my little cousin


ninamdot loves snapping pictures of strangers. Well... That's my friend Dominique below in the white dress and some people I follow on Instagram!


Does this blue building look familiar to any of my fellow Cincinnatians?
Its sits right on the corner of Race and 12th St. catty corner to Washington Park.
I was cruising through downtown this weekend and couldn't help but to notice how everything had changed so much right there on that block... Expect this building. I found it very interesting. I'm not sure how long this place has been here but the building and the business seems "untouchable".
I wanted to take pictures just in case.


Reality Tuesday (It's a coffee shop in Park Hills, KY)

Yeah I'm also out here taking pictures of folks grandma's!
Just hanging out in a coffee shop working on my slick approach...
How'd I do? Wonder what was on her brain...
Now I'm getting somewhere because I snapped this, this past Saturday!


KETCHUP (posting pictures from the past)

Gee whiz I love this kid!!!
Is this not a Back-To-School ad?! SERIOUSLY!
Oh and absolutely every single last one of these pictures are my favorite!
I know you can tell from the pictures but in real life, she just seen this pictures tonight on my computer and says, "I look good! Am I on Facebook?" Confidence is defiantly key, learn from her OKAY! HA!

#ninamdot signature


Gotta love the support I receive all around! When I don't blog, believe me I HEAR IT!
So the following posts are dedicated to me playing catch up! NO EXCUSES!
I took these last winter, down at Washington Park.
Love this family and ALL the energy they bring!
this pose might be a #ninamdot signature!


My childhood friend got hitched last week! At first I told her, "NO! I'm not shooting your wedding, I wanna come and enjoy the ceremony! You trippin'" But now I'm all like, It was an honor to shoot and capture these moments for one of my closest friends!
A preview:
love this picture

mother of the bride. before the wedding

I told her to get crazy girl! YOU JUST GOT MARRIED!

so stunning!


Well she's thee only red head I know. These turned out great and work really well in my portfolio

Thanks Stac!
From this past winter ; )

*photos by ninamdot
 thank you Jesus for my talent!


Close friends had babies. One of them was Jasmine. 


Nope. I did not take a break, but could you give me one? PLEASE : )
Thank ; )

You all know my great friend Dana right? Yeah so we shot these... the last winter.


 *photos by ninamdot

and this is an example of...

My creative impulse...
really looking forward to my born day!

*photo by ninamdot

oh so Nina, you do product placement now?!

HA! No. Not really. I do have a bone to pick with Gap though. 
 I love "heaven" scent but no matter how much I put on it literally disappears. Maybe because its not a perfume... Either way I want my $19.99 back!

ninamdot says, don't waste your money ; )
I really should have wiped the top off before I took this picture, huh?!
Practice makes perfect...

*photo by ninamdot

oh... Is this a FASHION BLOG NOW?!

No, Absolutely not! But I mean COME ON! Everything about this look is breathtaking!And that short hair!  (Is that Lamar Odom in the background?! I SPY HA!)

ninamdot deemed best dressed of 2013 thus far on a RED CARPET:
Charlize Theron

I snatched this picture off of FB. No clue whom to give credit to...




I mean we did take some of those but:  THESE TURNED OUT WAY BETTER and was more fun!
This is my pregnant sister and this is what she is like... Or what most pregnant women are like. Right?! : )


This just in from...INSTAGRAM!
follow me :)
You know the name: ninamdot

I was reppin' the Nati that night huh?! HA!
Shot w/ my friend Dana again. POW POW POW!(the one wearing the OATW beanie, GO COP).
Remember Dana's first appearance on ninamdot??? Yeah, THAT!
It's been a minute, but she's back with "Paper: BODY PARTS" look forward.