WTK: Nicole Willis

World, say hello to Nicole Willis of Party Sitters!
To all the event planners please think twice when thinking about inking NO KIDS ALLOWED on your next invite. Party Sitters provides on-site event child care. Yup, kids can tag alone and be entertained in a whole different area than the adults! Is this not the genius idea?! 

I love these pictures because they truly show who this woman is. I met Nicole at her home back in July for the WTK photo shoot and it was all about her family as soon as I hit the door. 
So Michelle Obama-esq

I played Candy Land to, even though I'm not pictured

Above all, some might shy their untidiness away from the camera. Not Nicole, this is her everyday life and as you can see she handles it all to well!

*photos by ninamdot


Every Saturday you could find me in the bookstore but ever since I've been shooting I hadn't been in awhile. So last Mon. me and my niece took a trip to Joseph Beth in Rookwood and they were having a guest speaker, Measha Brueggergosman.
Measha is a famous Opera singer that will star in Porgy & Bess showing at the Cincinnati Opera. She portrays Bess. At the bookstore she spoke about her start in Opera, playing Bess, and family. Afterwards I asked could I snap a picture. Isn't she beautiful?

*photo by ninamdot


My oldest, beautiful niece! I love her I love her! (and yes I meant to say it twice)
She is so bright and so sweet.
Do you love her new head-shots?! Her Auntie did them : )

*photos by ninamdot