artists we love: Mike Monteiro

I'm over admiring Mike right now. 
What do you "admire" nina?! 
He's very expressive, like that one type. You... Well I'll speak for myself when I say: what he created is how I've been felling. 
Plus it's funny!

Mike Monteiro


tis the season! Of course whatever I post I love right. I'm just wondering who comes up with concepts. Like who is responsible for brainstorming, and saying: Aha!I got it, get Nas on the phone... and his daddy to! 


This past thurs. my niece and I went to see Gabby at US Bank arena, downtown Cincinnati. This is the best best picture I took while holding my niece up so she could give Gabby high five. Guess what? Her little four year old hand did not connect and SHE WAS NOT happy! So we made the best of it and drove around to where the tour buses where and (YES ME AND MY NIECE WERE GROUPIES FOR THE NIGHT) waited to see if my niece could "give Gabby a hug"... another fail. And she started to cry again and I had to teach her a lesson in being grateful because we had great seats and it was a fantastic show!

photos by ninamdot


It's ya birthday, YOU IN FIRST PLACE!
Celebrated my cousins and her man birthday this weekend. It's Sunday and the party is still Going: RED LOBSTER ANYONE?! HA!

photos by ninamdot


My peoples on their birthday, giving love notes (as their daughter would say) to each other in the front seat.
I really love yall!

photos by ninamdot