big brother

God blessed me with one brother, this is him. I can read your mind and know you want to see more...
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ninamdot : )

photographer: ninamdot
model: Talmadge (@t.takeover)

the gentleman

photographer: ninamdot
model: my brother, Talmadge (@t.takeover)

casting for King Me

This Saturday I will be holding a casting for King Me 

People's Liberty
1805 Elm St
Cincinnati, Oh 45202

I'll be there all day! Stop by

hanging out in locker rooms???

JUST KIDDING! I'm not in anyone's locker room. This is the start of my Saturday. PRESS PLAY to listen to more of how I'm spending my day. 

King Me Goes Global

Seven days before the dead line to submit my application for the 2016 Globe grant, I sat at my computer and went for it! Confident in the "King Me" project, and my skill as a photographer I knew God's will would be done. It was. August 27th, 2015 was the day the phone rang with Auroa from People's Liberty on the other end with great news, "Congratulations Nina as one of three 2016 Globe Grant winners!


Coverage in this weeks Enquirer on the opening night of King Me
NINAMDOT!!! You know the name!
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