I did some of the pictures for Jenea Nicole who is a designer from the Cincinnati area.

Fall Pictures

Right before I lay it down I must hit the PUBLISH POST button and give you warmth, family, fall, and cutesy through my latest photos:

Husband & Wife:
Baby girl:
The fam:
So cute:
One of my fav's:
Brother & Sister:

And the rest:

My favorite:
I believe this was the last frame shot. Not bad you guys.
This picture makes me think of team work!

Her hand is balled up in a fist but she not mad!

Is it safe to say... He was feelin' his self? ha

Do you stick your chest out when your boasting?!

Beep Beep...


I could title this post: POLO... but I won't!

Young Couple

The type of relationship you have since 7th grade (on and off):