Last weekend a special man in life passed away from Alzheimer. My grandfather. And these pictures show and tell some his life. Who he was as a man:

Construction worker:
Now I wish I could remeber all the buildings and bridges he use to brag about helping build.

Husband to his SUPER BEAUTIFUL wife:
They were married till his death. Through the good & the bad, is this done any more?

My grandma loves to dance but she said my grandpa "couldn't dance a lick".

This picture is from when they first met, my grandma said.
A boxer:


My grandpa is the one second from the right, with the towel around his neck. Ezzard Charles is the one in front of him. My grandpa was his workout partner back in the 50's:

And a heavy Frisch's customer. I remember always begging to come with him when he would go some nights. He did use to take me and my gandma to the breakfast bar though!

I know some people were/are not fortunate enough to experience the love or relationship from a grandparent and I'm super happy God blessed me to. He is a very big part of my foundation and I'm forever grateful and thankful that a man loved me just for being born. Taught me to be stingy with my money (which was his way of saying: SAVE YOUR MONEY), how to present myself to society (because he said that people are always watching you), to be strong (this was by example), hard work pay's off, and one important thing I won't forget: If your going to do something, make sure your number one (he said this to me at age 13 at the Greyhound station as I was about to leave to compete in my first pageant in Columbus, OH... I didn't even place! HA!)