fight night

my sister got engaged the night Mayweather fought Canelo!


a show about nothing: SEINFELD

 the most important thing for me to remember is that "LIFE GOES ON"!

and being in my thirties thus far has been AMAZING in everyway.
ninamdot NOTHING'S:
1. I already erased two number one's that were typed.
a. the first one was about a grammatical error that I thought could come off as funny -and-
b. the second one was about a certain "somebody" that I truly miss but didn't wanna get... mushy.  The truth is I have "let go" of the person, but not our bond. SEE.
2. Stating the obvious has never been necessary for me. I love some unspoken rules that are without question, followed. And quite frankly: it annoys the hell out of me!
3. Three months is about how far I'm behind in posting my recent work. 
4. Do you ever talk to yourself while your driving? I DO!
5. Right before I took thee above two shots of myself... I was crying! HARD! BOO WOO tears. I think that is so funny now! ha ha ha  

family shots

two of my favorite shots from a family shoot I did this summer.