complete graditude

thank God I was molded at a young age that "I was  going to work for myself".
planting seeds in your kids is real! *video coming soon*


nia is naked

nia long is (one of) my all time favorite actresses of all time! you also may remember she ranked #4 on my list for FANTASY PHOTO SHOOTS.  and clearly she bared it all for ALLURE magazine!

from the interview:

Nia Long's Allure shoot wasn't exactly easy: "Posing nude is probably the most uncomfortable thing ever, and not from a spiritual sense," says the 43-year-old actress (The Divide, The Single Moms Club). That's not to suggest Long is new to this—she bared all on Ebony cover while pregnant. "I'm still going naked. I can still take it off—two babies later," she says. "The point is to capture the true essence of beauty in our most comfortable state—and that is nude."

photo from ALLURE

character post

"Collabo Season"

look at your circle and ask yourself, Now who can I create with?

Dominique LaCour is a friend of mine, who is a very talented writer aslo known as the handle

In the future I plan to produce some things we will be working on that I'm really excited about!
Its important to know your strengths and hone in on what YOUR good at and be great!  

*hand claps for -DYL*


me letting it "breathe on the track" 

that gap though!!! 
*hand claps for self-love*