I have Testimony on REPEAT!
August Alsina ladies and gentlemen! 

had to snatch these pictures from a google i'm not sure of the photog!


what's in your phone? it's filled with all my loved ones. notes, reminders, screen shots of things that I love (usually hair inspirations and home decor) and selfies! my self-esteem might be in there! ha ha ha, that just cracked me up! that was a nice truth joke ; )

a. my big sister and me.
c. some screen shot encouragement!
d. my peoples! 
e. my little loved ones.
f. interior decor inspiration.
g. my shorty! 
h. a mean selfie! 


he say, "You think making it big is easy? I would of played it safe and kept my day job."
his day job, shoe salesman.
mine, bank teller. see collage below. 



as you can see, so much goes into a 60 second commercial! i'm not gone keep telling y'all how much i love behind the scenes footage (bts) SIKE! yes i am. yes i will! 


chanel iman covers harper's bazaar 
june 2014
I always post my personal favorite's. more pictures here 
photographed by Alexander Neumann

yes Lord!

photographer: james c. lewis 
(I would call him a game changer!)

entire collection, "Icons Of The Bible" will be on display from November 2014 to February 2015 in Atlanta, GA. 

photos from  


no more print. Jet is going fully digital.

about ninamdot

let's pretend like you asked to get to know me okay?

1. I love when new artist kill the vocals on a classic song. ie. Caught Up in the Rapture Original artist: Anita Baker  or Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)  Original artist: Mint Condition 

2. in 7th grade, I wanted a nose job. or no that was 8th grade! Pahahahaha!

3. Indie films are my favorite! sundance film festival and tribeca film festival are on my "places to go" list.

4. to zone out (unwind/calm down/chill) I listen to Michael BublĂ©.. nice voice and melody huh?! yeah.

5. I love my gap.... see above picture

6. what I find most attractive in a man is his sense of direction! ACT LIKE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING! ha! 

7. wednesday is my favorite day of week. BIBLE STUDY and $5 bang bang shrimp! wait it use to be five 
now it's 6. whatevs! 

more about ninamdot here : )


the man of NY streets! 
street photographer Bill Cunningham 
@ METgala

oh mariah!

mariah on the cover of Wonderland mag
shot by terry richardson
ninamdot says: "it's gone be a hot summer"


stop playing. you know I love a good behind the scenes video. this is Queen Latifah bts of her INSTYLE magazine shoot! 

the issue with beauty (examination point)

   my favorite girl aka my grandmother (top right picture, POSING!) 
   i possess so much of her likeness than i realized. that's beautiful! 
   that's me at the bottom, in a hella of similar pose next to the maxi baby! circa 2003

I have great pictures that will defiantly be in the W magazine. One day. next issue maybe...


pages 126 -128 
i carefully ripped these pages out of the neeeeew ELLE magazine. why? joe zee did an outstanding job styling nicole. and the pictures are cool. uh DUH!
photographer: hao zeng 

W x Art

pharrell in W magazine. from an artist point of view.
photograph by Joshua White.

art by J.R.

photos from W Magazine

wood harris

where in the world is Wood Harris?!
one of my favorite black men in Hollywood. not sure what made me even think of him today but somebody let him know ninamdot is on the lookout. I'm trying to kickback and shoot! he just seems so cool in real life. LIKE ME! wood, meet me somewhere for a uh... (thinking of a cool person's drink) whatever mix with a tonic. better yet you look like the hot beverage type,ha!

trivia: did you know this was his first movie roll? wood. NOT pac's,

BONUS: wood trying stand up!