I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm always ecstatic about the next Women TKnow.

My team and I (it feels so good to say that!) spend a good amount of time scouting the creme dela
creme for WTK. So to introduce Ms.Leslie Short on ninamdot is a huge deal for me. Ms. Short
is currently dedicated to her company K.I.M Media where she does marketing, event planning and branding. Before this Ms. Short proudly held the position of marketing director for FUBU.  She has been around the world twice, lived in Tokyo, and holds the title of a champion! Ms.Short is a beautiful, well spoken, calm individual. She not only made us feel welcomed but schooled us on some many subjects. For example, Africa and the image of how t.v. tries to portray that everyone is very poor. She's been there done that!
*singing: Been around the world and I I I

Enjoy beautiful pictures from inside the home of Leslie Short in NYC!

*photos by ninamdot

LEFT: Leslie Short & Nelson Mandela.
RIGHT:Rodney Jerkins, Michael Jackson, Leslie Short, Daymond  John

grandmother's  typewriter

in the closet

headboard:antique door frames from a brownstone.

P.S., did I mention Leslie is a Champion:


Oh how I LOVE behind the scenes footage! I really enjoy this world...
S/O to Vashtie and Essence magazine. 


YOU KNOOOOOOW: Floyd from OHIO! Absolutly no stranger to the ninamdot blog!

You like the latest from OATW?! (Floyd is the creator behind Ohio Against The World) Yeah me to, but I don't know where to cop so... if you see him around your way (Cincinnati, NY, Paris, Chicago) get at em'! And tell him who sent ya ")

*photo by ninamdot

the feel of GHAPI

the creator of GHAPI

What is GHAPI you ask? In my own words, its this awesome fabric that transforms into... ANYTHING. First of all the fabric is very light and feels like stretchy cotton. GHAPI can be worn as a shirt, skirt, or cardigan. Since the summer is coming up you can defiantly wear it as a swim suit cover!  I have a GHAPI cami (which are not for sale yet) and you can find other styles here on the website. 


my sweet little niece! 

phone booth. no phone, ALL CUTE!

she always makes this face!
I LOVE this b&w

*photos by Auntie ninamdot