New artist named Buddy.
Everybody has youtube fame now!
Everybody got a posse to. (pssss: everybody has followers now-uh days!) If you don't, your defiantly not making it in this rap game.


Who do I think I am right now?!
My name is Nina and I do not hold any sort of Lyor Cohen type position in life! Well, maybe I do because I am the consumer so yeah, I'll carry on!

The residential area in this video is looking hella similar to the houses in Friday!

S/O section:
To my Cali friend JACK! Love you & the west side (throw it up throw it UUUUP, I can't see ya!)
To the Gr8st of all Sean's! He loves Fiji water to so. I guess that makes him somebody!


Yeah, so this title^ has absolutely nothing to do with this post, right.
Sometimes when your feeling a certain way, GO WITH IT!
But I do work at the bank & my hair cut is sharp. As. Ever!

So who's dead or alive, making cool look so good right now:
pssss, if you remember this post then you'd know the answer!

James Dean!

I'm feeling so "right now" about this picture.
and no I didn't miss a word in this sentence!
I'm a "right now" woman!

So what are yall saying, a man in stripes eating breakfast don't turn you on?!

Will you ever look this cool w/ no clothes on?! Will you ever not
have any clothes but look like you do have clothes on?

I COME W/ QUESTIONS TONIGHT PEOPLE! And I need direct answers.

During your above viewing I have selected the following tracks for your listening pleasure:

Did I just show my age with that one?
SO WHAT, I'm only 28 : )