Thoughts on my next photo shoot:

Lately I was whining about not having any males to shoot (take pictures of... not to kill) but tomorrow I can add male # 2 to my portfolio!

1) Got my looks together: black thick, three button polo sweater, thin charcoal gray and hunter green striped T-shirt (the man @ the store said it's called a jean shirt), dark/light gray & white plaid polo shirt w/ brown suede elbow pads, and that last look is a hard purple sweater.

2) LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: Off of Queencity on the grounds of an abandon factory and possibly a diner (think Frisch's at the counter where all the older men seat and drink coffee. Well at least that's where my grandpa sat.)

3)Extra's: Lent roller, men's accessories, post-it's (you'll see) etc.

4)And of the course my front man:???? ahhhh I'll let your anticipation build, k!

But before all this action I'm walking in the walk-a-thon for Alzheimer's disease. So my adrenaline will be: ALLLLL THE WAAAY TURNED UP! PUMP IT UP PUMP IT UP!
It's been a few months since I shot w/ FLOYD FROM OHIO and you've seen what those pictures look! Expect WASABI HOTNESS this time around!

Thank you ; ) You read all this and I didn't even have pictures: COMMITMENT! haha