I really needed to share this picture of the time I was involved in a friend's dream come true!
Read the insert below from the email she sent me today!
If you happen to be harping on what's been happening to you lately, after you read her words to me:
I think it will CHANGE YOUR MIND about your current situation! 


June 2013

"Today I woke up thinking of the things that went totally wrong this past weekend. I felt awful and wanted to cry all over again. Until I had one memory that immediately changed the emotion. There was a day that I experienced almost a year ago that went perfectly wrong for all the right reasons. In that moment of reflection I was able to find an outlet which gently covered my space in absolute joy. I remember it like yesterday. I mean there is no way I could have been happier in that moment, and I was so glad it found me once again.
You must understand the joys a memory can bring to ones soul. It is not just a thought, it is being able to access the very emotion that thought can bring. We live our lives day to day and often do not have time to tap into the joys life has afforded us; but today I am exercising my right to tap into the past, visit the very place I once felt the happiest in effort to stir up a joy that can replace the current situation. The problem is not half as large and the joy I have experienced.
I owe this smile on this day to you Nina! I want to thank you for the surprise party you threw for me. It was an extremely huge surprise and a dream come true. It was so unexpected and so very flawless. The secret never got out and the surprise was indescribable! I mean for 29 years I was screaming for a surprise party! I never thought it would come true until I had a husband that loved me enough to pull it off. As always, you were there to show me that no single soul loves me the way "my sista girl" does. It is an absolute pleasure and honor to call you a friend."