So I'm in the house minding my own when my phone rings. It's Qiana . She's being all nosy, wondering what I'm doing and who I'm with! I'm like, "QIANA, WHAT'S UP"?! She invites me to Northside Tavern for karaoke.Why not?! I'm there! I get there and meet here friend Megan (pictured on the left.) Immediately, I'm thinking about that crazy blonde chic from Dinner With Schmucks (Lucy Punch). And not because Megan  is crazy. Or blonde. She looks just like her other wise! 
And please excuse the toaster filter (I LOVE INSTAGRAM. Yeah you can follow if you want. And you should because... JUST DO IT! ninamdot)

Oh and Megan is the owner of Blink ; )

I took the picture of Megan on the left w/ my iphone (and no, not the 5!!!)