Sub-title: JASMINE: Exposed/Overload/Never Seen Before

I first did this post as a request, but to look over the stretch of these photographs is a testament to the saying: "Practice makes perfect ". In no way have I reached "perfection" but the progress is evident.

Jasmine is a really good friend of mine and has been nothing but SUPPORTIVE! 6AM, 1AM, Happy Hour, she is down for the cause. You have no idea how relieving it is to have an idea, call someone at the drop of a dime, and have it executed like she was getting paid to do it (I owe you one!). The only climate we haven't shot in is fire, ok.

And while I'm at it, S/O to all who have been involved with my creative process (my models/assistants). I'm appreciative as ever because as many of you that said yes... Many people tell me to beat or just don't show up to appointments (Shame on you all).

You may or may not be able to tell but just in case, this is some of my early work (2009) mixed with to date.